IP Security Surveillance

cameratabUnyazi Telecoms has an in depth technical understanding of IP based Camera Security and Surveillance Solutions. This capability is complemented by the fact that we are also able to provide the Wireless Backhaul networks and necessary bandwidth to carry IP based camera traffic to control rooms and surveillance centers.

This has many benefits for our customers, including reducing security and guarding costs, whilst at the same time providing an enhanced service by using the latest technologies.

IP Camera Surveillance and monitoring

Unyazi will provide our customers with a complete service, which includes understanding each specific requirement and designing the appropriate solution, whether it is for large enterprise, the public sector or consumers at home.

We can offer simple remote camera solutions to enhance home security or provide complex solutions carrying multiple camera traffic, with full remote PTZ capability back to security surveillance centres where the appropriate security reactions can be triggered.

Unyazi’s designers have designed the routing infrastructure providing comms to diamond mining vessels off the Namibian coastline.

We have partnered with a number of leading security companies, the most notable being Enforce. We have a number of joint projects underway, which include:

  • Carrying IP camera traffic for a leading Old Mutual Properties back to Enforce electronics to help reduce overall security and guarding costs, whilst at the same time providing a more enhanced service by offering camera patrols, which enable a huge amount of ground to be monitored in a very short space of time
  • Community security projects, one of which is in conjunction with the Umhlanga Rocks, Urban Improvement Precinct, which will enhance and augment community security by placing IP camera’s at strategic points in the business centres as well as in the residential areas. These initiatives not only improve and increase overall surveillance in the area but also allow for the introduction of number plate and facial recognition to further lock out potential criminals or intruders.

Please contact us for further details on how we can assist you with your IP security and surveillance requirements.