Consulting Services

consultingtabUnyazi can provide consulting to companies of all sizes, and to suit all budgets. Customers often require us to provide a Scope of Works as they don’t have the expertise to do this. Sensible solutions are offered, not simply the most expensive, but rather something that provides the following at the relevant level/budget:-

          • Availability
          • Security
          • Scalability

Enterprise Network Design:

Unyazi is able to provide consulting to customers that want to either build a new network, audit what it currently has, or migrate an existing infrastructure.

We are able to design any level of network, including MPLS VPN designs, our experience in this field has been gained from migrating critical airport networks from unreliable ‘flat’ network designs to highly available carrier-grade Enterprise networks. These migrations were undertaken on a phased approach, ensuring current systems running on the legacy network were not disrupted.

Enterprise Wireless Network Design:

Highly available Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks are becoming an essential element in the Enterprise. The design of a shared infrastructure WLAN is complex, and essential in multi-tenant environments. Unyazi consultants have designed/deployed and managed most of BAA’s WLAN networks, and have written blueprints that are referenced for use in airport RFP’s by a leading airport service company.

WAN Network Design:

Connectivity between a company’s locations is essential to allow centralized systems to be used. This can be achieved by utilizing Unyazi’s Wireless WAN network, satellite, or ADSL and leased lines connections. VPN solutions form the basis of this secure connectivity.

Remote Access Design:

Secure connectivity back to corporate systems allows companies to allow home working, and connectivity for mobile sales forces etc. This could be via standard VPN’s over the Internet, or utilizing solutions such as Netmotion, or with Aruba’s RAP solution etc.

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